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Enjoy the ENERGY and COMMUNITY of our classes from the comfort of your home from anywhere in the World! From How To Whine Tutorials to Choreography classes to well-being talks and Gym-based workout programs- our CARNIVAL-ALL-MONTH subscription puts the FUN back in FITNESS and is a one-stop shop for

all your health and well-being needs! 


  • Increase your confidence

  • Join a Community

  • Learn some new moves!

  • Get into the best shape of your life!



Beginner Friendly, 1 Hour of whining, twerk and all the jiggle you can get!



Dynamic Class featuring Choreography, WAISTLINEDRILLS, and Pure Vibes! 



Lower Body Resistance Band Strength and Resistance Class set to SOCA!


30Day- 60Day Gym and Home workouts to sculpt and tone your body!


Monthly workshops around living healthier, happier lives!

Flexibility & Flow

Beginner to Advanced Mobility and Flexibility Sessions 

Knee Strength

Because Carnival Knees is a real thing! We are here to help you drop it down low- and get back up- safely! 

Join the TeamZaiah Family HERE!

  • Exclusive Dance and Fitness Class Monthly Membership feat Online & In ...

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Join the Zaiah Arts Family! Choose Your Perfect Dance Fitness Plan


Unlock the rhythm and energy of Carnival from the comfort of your home with our Carnival-On-Demand plan. Enjoy a variety of classes and exclusive perks designed to keep you moving and motivated:

  • Weekly On-Demand Classes: Access CARNIVALVIBES!, WORK n WINE, WAISTLINEDRILLS, and Flexibility & Flow sessions every week.

  • Monthly Fitness Plans: Receive gym-based strength and conditioning plans to complement your dance routines.

  • Live Classes: Join our live dance classes at no extra cost.

  • Exclusive Wellness Sessions: Participate in monthly wellness sessions to rejuvenate your mind and body.

  • Monthly Giveaways: Stand a chance to win Zaiah Arts merchandise every month.

  • Members-Only Group: Connect with our vibrant community for support, motivation, and fun.

CarnivalVibes™ Gold

Take your dance fitness journey to the next level with CarnivalVibes™ Gold. Enjoy all the benefits of Carnival-On-Demand, plus:

  • In-Person Classes: Get exclusive access to live CARNIVALVIBES dance classes, bringing the vibrant energy of Carnival directly to you.

CarnivalVibes™ Platinum

Experience the ultimate dance fitness experience with our CarnivalVibes™ Platinum membership. Enjoy all the features of Carnival-On-Demand and CarnivalVibes™ Gold for an entire year, plus:

  • Workshops and Events: Gain access to all Zaiah Arts workshops and events, offering you the opportunity to learn from top instructors and connect with fellow dance enthusiasts.

Join Zaiah Arts today and find the plan that fits your lifestyle!



"I've learned so much, my confidence has grown so much and I legit

always leave with the biggest smile and feeling of so much joy!"

"Regardless of how you're feeling before you start, these classes lifts

your mood... I always feel light and positive from your classes!"

" I Sooo enjoy your class yesterday! I was tired ..but the music made me

feel like I was on the Road!"

"Honestly (CarnivalVibes)  is the best class ever!"

"I absolutely love these classes! I feel like I've learnt more from you in a couple of weeks about technique than I have my whole life!"

"I am a New member and I feel like the values you carry are the same as mine and I love it!"

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