Who we are

We are a Carnival Arts Company that is passionate about Holistic Wellness! In response to the spotlight on mental health especially in the Afro-Caribbean community in recent years, we formed this company to directly deal with this issue as well as preserve and progress artistic Caribbean traditions. We want to lead a movement of people who are emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically equipt to live fuller and happier lives.


We are committed to teaching and showcasing how to unlock your best self and the techniques we teach are transferable to any aspect of anyone's life through the beautiful multi-faceted expression of Caribbean and Carnival culture.


So, whether it be at one of Carnival Vibes classes, attending one of out mindfulness workshops, our message is the same; 

Elevation through Motion: Get up, and live Boldly!

Meet the team

what we do

Carnival vibes Classes

West Indian Carnival is one of the most expressive and exciting forms of entertainment celebration there is to experience!  Our classes are aimed to build confidence, get people embracing their bodies and the way they move whilst of course getting a sweat on! This Dance Fitness Class is set to the electric beat of Caribbean Soca, Dancehall and Afro-beats and is the perfect combination for a hip-swaying, feel-good, cardio pump!

We incorporate "Waistline Drills" in our classes which serve as an awesome core and quad workout - they cover the basics of twerking, whining, sticking, jiggling and trembling (basically all the wonderful ways you can move your waist) presented in fun compact exercises. Because we are passionate about wellness, we have a big emphasis on a judgement free, inclusive and celebratory atmosphere in classes. We incorporate an "Across the Stage" section of the class, which similar to crossing the stage on a Carnival day in front of the judges in your costumes,   This is where participants get a chance to shake off any insecurities they might feel through supported freestyle and some light movements going across the floor so as to build their self-confidence in their individuality and feel the energy of support around them. These exercises are important and impactful because by the time we get into choreography, you will be energised, loose and feeling good about yourself  and that makes all the difference for how they will experience and express a combination and ultimately yourself. 


A Brief History of West-Indian Carnival 

Rooted in African culture and French Catholisism, the French who came to Trinidad would hold elebaorate masquerades before lent and the enslaved people would hold their own celebrations at night with symbolic masks, mimicry and dancing around the burning and harvesting of sugar cane. After slavery was abolished the African people use these celebrations as a protest of freedom and defiance and merged this with drumming, stickfighting, masquerading, steel pan and

African-derived religions all of which the British tried to outlaw but failed. Fast forward to Notting Hill in the 1950's which most concentrated populations of West Indians in the country, in the overcrowded clubs. In an effort to ease hostile race relations between refugees and the white English, Claudia Jones and later on Rhaune Laslett joined forces to organise what is now know as Nottginhil Carnival, an event that would bring the community together through Caribbean culture and Carnival.  

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