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Updated: Sep 4, 2018

Over the last 3 years "Hone your power" has become a trademark statement of mine. It started when I was sat in the waiting room of an audition that I really wanted. I had been depressed a couple of months prior and I had asked God for a new direction and the universe had sent me this audition. As I was sat there a bit panicked and anxious I got an email through from a spiritual teacher called Shanel Cooper Sykes; I had seen her on Instagram while I was depressed and it was a short video of her doing an "I believe in myself" affirmation and she literally was glowing from the inside. Something about her spoke to me and I said to my self- whatever she does- whatever she is selling, what ever she recommends I do to get myself out of this space of depression- I don't care what it is, I will do it because I want what ever she has! I opened up the email and it was what she calls a Sacred Life Creed- a set of affirmations that basically affirm who you are, what you are about and what you want to attract. After I read it I remember feeling like a breath of fresh air hit me and for the first time in years I felt like I inhaled and felt good. Out of that feeling I remember thinking to myself, I'm going to take this feeling and hone my power and walk into that audition and slay it, no matter what....

well, I ended up getting the lead for that musical and that show happened to be what catapulted my career in musical theatre!

Often times since then people have asked me; "what does Honing your power actually mean and how do you do it", well lets break it down...

What is Power?

I feel as though right now- at least in my world- everyone is looking for what they deem as "power". To most that means being seen and recognised, equal opportunities or wanting to be on top at work in, and yes thats great but that is very external, I think real power starts on the inside so lets go deeper. "Power" in the dictionary as described by Google is:

"the ability or capacity to do something or act in a particular way; the capacity or ability to direct or influence the behaviour of others or the course of events; authority that is given or delegated to a person or body; a person or organisation that is strong or influential within a particular context; physical strength and force exerted by something or someone, driven by electrical energy"

Electrical energy... have you ever been doing something creative or active; maybe singing, speaking passionately, playing sports- and you get into a rhythm, and its like a surge of energy or a deep passionate feeling, some people describe it as feel a physical heat; that comes over you. Some people get scared and stop what ever they are doing or others allow that deep passionate energy to flow through them- that energy, is your power. You can see it most clearly in dance when a dancer hits a particular point in a routine or is simply free-styling on the dance floor and all of a sudden it seems like they are blind to judgement or the people around them and they are dancing past their limbs, they are taking over the space and infecting everyone around them, they might even make you wanna dance! They are in their power. Now the dictionary makes reference to power as being "authority that is given" . Most people think of authority as a position or post at work or society, that is given- by a company or a government that gives a person particular privileges, ie: money and the ability to make decision over others.

Power can therefore mean- options

Think about the most powerful person you know (in terms of status and rank, influence, resources). If they have power, they probably have options on what they want do, how they want to do it, with whom they want to do it with and who else gets access to it. Granted they probably have A LOT of responsibilities that come with that power but they have authority to make decision that can change lives, countries, companies etc, but; while the world is climbing the corporate ladder to access more power. I have another perspective.

You already have God given power

Did you know the probability of you being born is one in 400 trillion... yoww... your life... without you doing anything...is a miracle! that is something to be grateful for! You had a better chance of being a button or a lobster, but you were chosen to be a human, with energy, and choice and ability! With that, your very life is powerful! We all have different quirks, talents, characteristics, cultural backgrounds that when combined make us unique entities.

ain't no body like you, ever will be like you, or was like you!

Your power is your uniqueness!

Your talents, skills, your personality, your emotional depth... everything that is unique to you, is yours and is your power! Do you know how many of us would sleep more peacefully really understanding that in actual truth -no one is your competition, you are not racing against any one but the best version of your self. And your aim in life is to catch up with that person!

Now "Honing"...

The definition of Hone is (by Google) is:

"sharpen (a blade); refine or perfect (something) over a period of time; give greater strength or firmness to (the body or a part of the body):

So when you put that together I'm saying sharpen, train and perfect your craft, your uniqueness your character so you can be more effective in your world. A dull blade can only get you so far, it can only cut and be used for so much even in the hands of a skilled craftsman, but with a sharp knife a craftsman can create infinite possibilities! Be that magician and be the knife!

I like to think of our power as our light, and the life we build around that light as a prism. When we hone our power its like we cut and shape our prisms (our habits, lifestyle, character, friends, network) to best suit what our light needs to shine as bright and as beautifully as it can. We take the option, to make conscious choices as the master of our lives, making decisions that help ourselves win!

So if that means, waking up an extra hour early to exercise and train your body so that when you do that lift on stage your mind and body is confident because you feel competent- do it! It is maybe choosing good foods or ensuring you do a morning ritual before you leave your home so that you are focused at work and your body feels good when you put your clothes and step out to your hot date. That will in turn help boost your self image of yourself and because you feel good about your self, you can make better decisions for your self- its a win win cycle, and we are just scratching the surface of it!

In my next blog we will break down how you can begin to hone your power in your everyday life!

Below is the video that I watched from Shanel Cooper-Sykes!






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