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Stream our classes On-Demand and Join us Live!

Whether you are new to dance, or you are a seasoned dancer,

EVERYONE can enjoy our classes!



Beginner Friendly, 1 Hour of whining, twerk and all the jiggle you can get!



Dynamic Class featuring Choreography, WAISTLINEDRILLS, and Pure Vibes! 



Lower Body Resistance Band Strength and Resistance Class set to SOCA!


Our SOCA-ALL-MONTH Membership is a one a kind Dance Fitness online subscription that gives you FULL ACCESS to our online classes!

This features:




  • Self-Care Sunday: Wellbeing Sessions

  • Access to over 40 hours of class recordings on demand!

  • Exclusive Discounts on Zaiah Arts Merchandise

  • Exclusive access to choreography tutorials on demand

  • Access to our Members only Members Forum and Facebook Group

  • Lots of great surprises!

All for £19.99!

Awesome Value, UNLIMITED Good-Vibes, Cancel Anytime!





"I've learned so much, my confidence has grown so much and I legit always leave with the biggest smile and feeling of so much joy!"

"Regardless of how you're feeling before you start, these classes lifts your mood... I always feel light and positive from your classes!"


" I Sooo enjoy your class yesterday! I was tired ..but the music made me feel like I was on the Road!"

"Honestly (Carnival Vibes)  is the best class ever!"

"I absolutely love these classes! I feel like I've learnt more from you in a couple of weeks about technique then I have my whole life!"

"I am a New member and I feel like the values you carry are the same as mine and I love it!"

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